Creative Portal Skinning and Client Experience
Our internal sales team benefits quite a bit from the information we display in our Creative Portal. For a while, we've been thinking about the best way to display the Portal to our resellers, who need to have a branded experience to show their clients.

My project is to take the portal and dynamically style it to display a branded experience to our resellers, starting with the Chicago Tribune.

The "home" page of the Portal displays website designs, but we need to cut out a few sections and condense some others. Colors and images for the Chicago Tribune brand are dynamically swapped out before the page loads.

This is a view that a Tribune Salesperson would see:
The Tribune Client view is even more cut down, as they don't need to see the contact form at the bottom or any of the sales links next to it.
Another thing we want to do once Tribune's clients have access to the portal is get a head start on designing a website for them if they have an order in with us. When a Tribune client lands on the home page, they will be greeted with this popup. As all clients will be sharing one login, this whole system will work off of cookies.

The popup displayed to Tribune's clients will ask them to start filling out a short form so we can get an idea for their industry and design preferences.
When Tribune clients click on the "Choose your favorite design" field, the site will take them to a search page which allows them to favorite a design, or search for other designs to favorite. The form minimizes itself in the bottom corner in case they need to access it again.
After a design is favorited, the popup maximizes and prompts the client to submit the form.