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Untitled doll
_ Through my art I seek to experience and explore the concerns about idealised beauty for woman by creating a virtual identity of myself. My photographs present me with both varied and replicated features.  I appear as an artificialised, robotic, or doll-like human being that floats in time and space. These images are a reflection of my imagination and fantasies, influenced by an obsession with the visual aspects of idealised beauty.
Technology allows us to experience changes and to fullfill our dream of being stereotypically beautiful women with idealised features. These desires are created and fuelled by viewing famous stars, and fantasic characters, from promotional advertisements, movies, games, and animations, who seem to have everything.  These stars have all been altered in some way (such as surgery, or reforming) to appear as perfect women in a visual sense. I am disturbed by the fact that around half of my friends had surgery in their late teens, often as a graduation gift from their parents. This normalises surgery I am questioning whether these transformations warp our viewpoint and program our mind to accept the stereotypes as the ideal, taking control of reality with its potential.
From my observation, this desire to make a fantasy world into reality also seems to also influenced some of artists, namely, Orlan who challeges and experiences her own features being changed through plastic surgery.  In this way, she sends a direct message by placing herself in the real situation where, as Mariko Mori present herself as if she exits in a fantasic environment, she created in a rather playful mode, revealing how people are obsessed with a virtual creative character and space which can be easily created in this computer age.
I am also interested in a Japanese subculture called Kosupure, centred on disguising oneself as one's own favourite character.  In some circles, this takes the form of "cosplay" in English, which is expanding world-wide.
The digital variation of the features of my face and body allows me to transform myself, with my prediction of what the future might bring from the over-used potential of technology, destroying naturalness and causing everything to be out of originality and not be recognisable.
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