Four legs (in the middle)
For me, art is a journey of self-discovery.  It is my own way of exploring, analyzing, and expressing my identity. My work represents a of natural objects, according to my own inspiration.  I start with images of three-dimensional living things that I have photographed just everyday images that surround me. I am thereby making a statement about the relationship between peoples personalities and the societies in which they live. What the public sees is not the original image, but one that has been remade according to my own concepts.
Through my art work, I have attempted to explore the concept of   People attempt to disguise who they really are by the way they speak and dress, or by changing their appearance through cosmetic surgery.  To convey this idea of covering, my art uses human skin and plants to replace, or cover, the naturalness of the design of the original form.  The flower tissue is replaced by human skin and other natural images. There is, of course, something artificial, something phony, about it all just as ones imitation of an idealized personality can never be more than an artificial construct.
A bug
Grey breath/ Grey fish
Red fish (on the left), Human flower 2 (in the middle), B bug on a tree (on the right)
Red fish
Fish (small)
Fish in frame
Human pattern
Human pattern printed on canvas
Self portrait
Human flower 1
Finger sausages
Palm tree
Human ocean
Experiment files