Movistar+: The 3 Mystic Apes 🙈🙉🙊
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Ricardo Fernandez, Art Director and Head of Graphic Design at Movistar+, contacted me for this project and used my lion as reference. The Mr. Kat & Friends graphic universe goes from cute to sophisticated so knowing he liked the lion, the aesthetic idea in mind was to create a majestic character with a sculptural look and feel.
Looking for references in the internet, I read these monkeys are japanese macacques.
Here are some early tests I shared with the client. I tend to show as much as possible, I really like the outcome when working with other Art Directors.
These are composition tests. Ricardo was looking for a much cleaner space. So we took out the leaves and brightened the creamy color to a whiter porcelain look.
Final presentation. Hope you like it!