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    Conceptual title sequence for the book Whiteout
The Brief
The brief for this project was to create a movie title sequence from a book of our choice. The book that was selected is a novel called “Whitout” written by Ken Follet. The plot of the book centres on the guilt of a scientist who has allowed a deadly virus to be stolen by terrorists during one of the worst snowstorms in Scottish history. The book shares no relation to the movie of the same name.
The concept of a corrupted snowflake came about whilst researching the biohazard logo and the beautifully symmetrical form of snowflakes. The two shapes were combines to create a corrupted snowflake of sorts, which reflects the themes of the book, the virus and the snowstorm. One of the the key aims of the project was to try and make the animation look as haunting and dirty as possible, whilst still looking quite pretty. The audio of the video was selected to reflect these ideas.
“From a technical standpoint this is one of my most advanced motion graphics projects since the animation makes use of layer styles, 3D layers, cameras, stroke effects, null objects and the evolution plugin. Additionally the dirty backgrounds of each scene were photographed, painted or illustrated through traditional means.”
“This was also the first project I’d done that had a darker tone to it. Up until this point my work had mainly been quite light hearted so it was a challenge to really create a motion graphic that was much more serious.”
Tools/Skills Used
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Soundbooth