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    Illustration made for the House of Illustration competition brief for the book Brave New World
The Brief
This competition brief was undertaken in support of my main honours project in 2012-2013. The brief, which was published by the “House of Illustration” was to create four illustrations for Aldous Huxley’s dystopian satire “Brave New World”.
The four illustrations that were created in response to the brief came about after evaluating what the client typically expected from entrants. What was discovered was that a much more traditional approach needed to be taken in regards to the response to the brief, which is how the Marianne Brant inspired photomontages came about, making use of damaged and aged paper to enhance the work.
The montages themselves make use of figures, places and social issues that Huxley was satirizing in his book. Some examples include mass production, overconsumption and political corruption. The concept of “Birth, life and Death” came about from this evaluation.
“Initially I had a purely digital approach to this project, essentially trying to awnswer the brief as if the novel were a satire of modern society rather than society from the past. As such the work that was produced earlier in the process didn’t really work, and it wasn’t until I received some helpful feedback from my peers that I realised I needed to make changes. The result of these was a much more positively received piece of work.”
Tools/Skills used
Adobe Photoshop
Digital Print
Traditional illustration
The images bellow are some of the various alternatives that were made during the development phase.