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    A book about conspiracies.
This is a publication I have been working on for the past six months.

It is a book about conspiracies, cover-ups and the author's decent into madness. As the book progresses the pages start to warp and change. The type begins to reflect the authors convoluted mind as he explains his perspective of the world and it's Orwellian lies.

"I have never seen anything like it...an original idea"
- Tony Palmer, Executive Designer at Penguin Books.

Chosen from all the 3rd year publication students at RMIT University as the standout book in
2012 by Tony Palmer, executive designer at Penguin Books.
Below is a selection of pages that tells the story: 
The title is printed using a UV Spot varnish. It is hidden from view unless viewed from the right angle in the right lighting conditions. Like the title, there are hidden messages scattered throughout the entire book including subliminal watermarks designed to influence the reader.
I hand bound the book myself, using my own style of section sewing.
The front cover.
The title page. It is the same as the UV Gloss printed on the front cover.
The contents page.
A close-up of some of the typesetting. There are hidden messages in the numbering of the list, instead of running a, b, c, d, e, f, etc. it instead goes a, b, c, r, u, n, f, o, r, y, o, u, r, l, i, f, e, d, e, f,
Page 13. According to the contents this page should contain a list of the illuminati's leaders...
At the halfway point the entire book changes. In mid sentence the style of book is suddenly different, the paper stock is different and the warping of the text suddenly disappears. The author's mind has snapped and is covering up the strangeness that was leaking out onto the page.

The first half of the book is printed on a bulky newspaper stock, while the second is on a cleaner, thicker more traditional stock. The first half is references newspapers in style while the second is cleaner and uses medical journals as a guide for the type.
With no warning, halfway through the second section the warping comes back, even stronger than the first time. The suthor can no longer hide his inner demons.
The packaging that the book comes in, including another CIA evidence sticker.