Conceptual Blue Velvet Opening

This is my response to a conceptual brief that tasked us with creating an alternative title sequence to the movie Blue Velvet, with a focus on the typography.

I chose to tap into David Lynch's themes, creating a sequence that focused on contrasts. The movie opens and closes with a dreamlike daytime suburbia that feels fake and shallow, while the middle of the movie is shot only at night and is real, gritty and disturbing. I wanted this contrast to be present in the titles, so I created some beautiful, elegant type to contrast against the darker imagery.

Like Lynch, I drew influences from Noir Films to create this title sequence, using high contrast black and white imagery and bold type. The movie's logotype takes influences from the neon signage out the front of the club that Dorothy Vallens sings at during the movie. I made it deliberately understated, harkening back to older films where the title sequence served the purpose of drawing attention to the actors instead of dazzling with special effects.

This was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II
The song is Lanquidity by Sun Ra

The Blue Velvet movies brand identity.
The storyboard.
The CD packaging.
The rationale.