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    Selected landscape paintings by Scott Cunningham
I'm a people person. Even when my subject matter isn't human, I try to reflect some aspect of humanity in the work. I will explore relationships between trees as if they were people. A forest becomes a dance, or a party, or a street scene. Sometimes I interject the human element by the theme of man vs. nature, the impact of one on the other, the state of their coexistence and the lack of concern one may have for the other.
NOTE: Any work that is NOT listed in a collection is probably still available.
Please contact me and I will put you in touch with the gallery that is currently selling the piece.
Reflections at Dusk. oil on panel. 8" x 10". private collection.
Huntington Beach. oil on canvas. 36" x 48"
untitled . oil on panel. 8" x 10". 
Appalachian Nocture. oil on panel. 24" x 30".
Decision for the Millenium #1. oil on panel. 24" x 30".
Barrier Island Series #1. oil on canvas. 24" x 48".
untitled . oil on panel. 8" x 10". 
A Road Less Traveled. oil. 16" x 20". private collection.
Pearson's Falls #3. oil on panel. 14" x 18".  private collection.
Sunset on Lake Geneva. oil on panel. 18" x 24". private collection.
Coastal Scene. oil on panel. 24" x 24". 
Cedars at the Road's Edge II. oil on canvas. 24" x 30". 
Raven Cliff Falls. oil on panel. 16" x 20"