Photo Enhancement & Reconstruction, Illustration, etc.

client : earsight
project : CD Cover Design for Funk/Jazz band EARSIGHT
shown: original resource image & image after manipulation
software : Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Indesign)
source image credit : Adam Shealy

"Ruth, Carrie, and Ella"  digital restoration of a scan of an antique photograph
size of original : 4.25" x 3.33" (image), 5.75" x 4.75" (mat)
software : Adobe Photoshop
remarks : 
two-part project consisting of 1) restoring a scan of an antique photograph that was in relatively good shape, and
2) a major reconstruction of the antique mat which had significant damage
"Another Time, Another Place: early Spartanburg County mill mechanics"  
digital interpretation of an antique photograph

software : Adobe Photoshop
remarks : 
The theme of this piece is the potential that resides in each of us. What would these men have been had they lived in Spartanburg fifty years later?
inspired by (l to r): 
Gen. William Westmoreland and numerous men and women from the Spartanburg area who have served their county 
• the Artist Community, past and present 
• the former Spartanburg Phillies and all of its players and coaches
• master gardener and community developer Harold Hatcher 
• the Music Community: from popular music's Pink Anderson, David Ball, and The Marshall Tucker Band to opera & classical music's Carlos Moseley, Gianna Rolandi and David Daniel
• Dimitrios of Xanthos and a Greek community which has contributed much to the area's development for a 150 years