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    wine testing room, Long Island
This wine testing room is located in the vineyards.
The project idea is to have a strong visual impact on visitors while respecting the natural environment.
The wine testing room is underground, it falls deeply into the ground.
The notion of terroir is very important in this project because it is the basis to make a good wine, its identity.
On the surface, the project is summarized in a metal shell evoking a vine leaf placed on the ground.
The architecture is almost invisible.

The interior space is spherical and evokes a glass of wine.
You enter the tasting room thanks to a ramp that represents the movement of the wine pouring into the glass.
The visitor takes his time to get into another dimension, just as it takes time to discover and appreciate wine through different stages (smell the wine, analyze its color)

When you finally arrive in the wine testing room, you are ready to taste the wine.
The visitor enter into a new universe. the room is a large sphere open on the top, revealing the metal shell.
It filters the light and projects shadows on the wall.
The vine leaf is taking root in the heart of the wine testing room, reinforcing the idea that as the wine is rooted in its terroir.