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    il s'agit d'un spa situé dans le Lower East Side à New York. This is a SPA located in Lower east side, NY
 LEVITY SPA, lower east side, NY
This project is in contrast with the city of New York.

A question is presented of how to create a suitable place conducive to recharging client’s batteries while also providing a pause in the stressful daily life of New York.

The virginity and lightness of the space and the organic shapes of the walls are in contrast with the orthagonality of the city’s architecture.

Architectural elements give the impression of lévitation, and a play on transparacy gives a sense of mystery to the circulation within the space. In the heart of the interior space, the central boxes which include the massage cabins are attached to a structural pillar, evoking the idea of a tree house.

The walls are backlit with LED fixtures, allowing the interior light to vary not only in intensity but also in color tint in accordance with the weather and time of day. For example, if it is cold and rainy outside the interior space is warm and cozy.