This is a series of posters designed for various lectures held at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. The lectures were organized by Poligraf, Faculty's independent students' association. Lecturers were mostly well-known Croatian scientists, politicians, and thinkers, and speeches mostly dealt with Croatia's current political and economical problems in European and international context.
Žarko Paić - 'After the culture, theory and slew - slew of theories in global age'
Ivo Goldstein dr. sc, Tvrtko Jakovina dr. sc, Mirjana Kasapović prof. dr. sc. -'Izrael and Palestine - faces of the clash'
Fran Višnar - 'Challenges of the modern world'
Davor Pavuna, prof. dr. sc. - 'Better civilization: green planet and Croatian thinker's net'
Dušan Bilandžić - 'How did Tito direct Yugoslavia's downfall'