Vice is brash. Vice doesn't hold back.

A rebrand to consolidate all Vice Media properties into one singular Vice Media identity. This identity shifts and resizes to represent Vice not just as a content creator, but a cultural force that always shifts, but frames topics in their own light. 

Mentor: Brad Bartlett
Type 5: Transmedia
Completed in Fall 2016
A poster for a Vice Annual calendar, recapping all the wild events of the year. 
2016 was the worst year by far. 
In the next few years, we will be seeing the revival of the Y2K look and feel. Vice has that covered through their exhibit, The A-Z of Y2K, when the future was blobby, iridescent, and translucent. The poster series commemorates landmark Y2K icons, such as The Designer's Republic, Me Company, Björk, and new icons, like Princess Nokia.

Thank you.