Fashion is cyclical. There is a 20 year gap when it comes to trends from the past coming back to the forefront. The ’90s were in for the past several years, but what will happen next? The Y2K Aesthetic is a specific zeitgeist that existed primarily from 1995-2003. Things were blobby. Things became shiny. Things were translucent and iridescent. It was the future at the turn of the millennium.
And it is becoming the forefront of fashion now.

Mentor: Brad Bartlett
Type 5: Transmedia
Completed in Fall 2016
Channeling the experimental nature of early 2000s user interfaces, this website presents a three-dimensional interactive form of the website’s tumblr feed, revealing information and a timeline of landmark Y2K icons.

Physical blobjects were created, as a way of demonstrating the ergonomics of blobjects.
Blobby, a typeface that extends the blobject Y2K logo into a full alphabet.
A two-dimensional and three-dimensional typeface.
24 in process logomarks that demonstrate the various qualities of the millennium zeitgeist.
Based on Evan Collins's article in VICE, The A-Z of Y2K is a physical form of the article, also doubling as a type specimen for Blobby.

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