Horizon Zero Dawn: UI concepts and narrative elements
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    We worked on key UI concepts and narrative elements for Horizon Zero Dawn.
Territory were delighted to work with Guerrilla Games on Horizon Zero Dawn. Tasked to provide creative and design expertise for key UI and narrative elements for the new game, we were excited by the scale and originality of the game concept, and relished the opportunity to once again work with this talented team.
The two-part brief included creating UI concepts for a key in-game holographic HUD device and creating holographic assets and direction for a supporting cutscene.
An intense R&D process explored new mechanics and ways for a non traditional UI system to exist in the game space, ultimately leading to an original holographic interface that looks and feels seamless to the mythical qualities of the stunning environment, its unique technology and explorative game play.
Holographic elements were further developed for a 3 minute cutscene. This included creating the look for Hades, the core elements, Gaia and the overall environment. Finally, we directed the cinematography to emphasise the human element within the characters and heighten the emotional drama at that particular point in the games storyline.