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Industrial Design




Air Bottle

01 Tumbler Mode : Power-OFF state / The tumbler mode has a air bottle shape and has a structure for convenient portability.
You can use a transparent rubber handle to carry them conveniently. In this tumbler mode, the air cleaning function doesn't working.


Cup of Glass

02 Cup of Glass Mode : Power-ON state / The cup of glass mode has a structure for emotional air cleaning, which seems to drink something
in a coffee cup. In this cup of glass mode, the air cleaning function is available. The air cleaning intensity can be adjusted by 4 stages.



03 Stand Mode : Power-ON state / The stand mode has a structure for intensive air cleaning. You can operate like a stand light
on the office table and can concentrate on your task. In this stand mode, the air cleaning intensity can be adjusted by 4 stages.


Detailed Structure

Parts of the mini air purifier are listed side by side. / The rotary fan and filter of the mini air purifier are separated.
/ There is a 'Let's Drink Clean.' tag on the transparent rubber handle. / DrinKlean air purifier is with a tropical leaf.


User Scene

I was inspired by the air we always drink. So, It seeks clean and minimal design that naturally blending into daily routine.
That's why we strive for harmonious design that balances perfectly with its surroundings. This is the core value of my design.

2017 Mini Air Purifier Design (Home Appliances) "DrinKlean ZERO-1", The project was conducted until July 2017.

If you look at my other works, I will really appreciate it.

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Jaeyoung Kim