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OOINO Mini Refrigerator
Industrial Design

Today, the leisure time has increased due to the five-day workweek and economic growth, and more and more people like to enjoy leisure activities with family. As the place and method of such leisure time have huge influence on family's  satisfaction,
for the satisfactory family leisure activity, it would be necessary to build up creative and independent leisure, instead of following others' consumption-oriented leisure.

Thus, it aims to develop a new leisure appliance and service that could flexibly support any types of activities, for the satisfactory family leisure activity.
Always Fresh

Thinking about the basic 'eating behavior' as an issue commonly shown in leisure activity, such ideas of easily and conveniently storing and moving food were drawn. Thus, a concept of movable leisure refrigerator for family  leaving for leisure activity was planned. Finally, the Two in One Mini Refrigerator that could be used as a mini refrigerator at home and also as a unique icebox in the open air was designed.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Warm Pleasure

Contrary to the existing refrigerator,  it's design contained the warm and pleasant atmosphere. Getting out of the frame of
home appliances as refrigerator, it aimed to create new design values by applying pleasant elements in the warm form of
Nordic furniture. Based on this inspiration, a wooden door showing warm sensitivity and simple object-form, cute legs, and diverse colors that could be selected suitable for users' taste or interior design were designed.
OOINO Mini Refrigerator

It was about the structure with variability in accordance with environment, so that it could be used as a mini snack refrigerator at home and also as a picnic-bag or icebox in the open air. Thus, it had a detachable body, rechargeable stand structure, handle for its convenient movement.
No More Refrigerator from Yesterday

OOINO Mini Refrigerator will be an inflection point that could change family life. On top of a function of storing food and interior design changing the space, it will be reborn as a true family core that takes care of pleasant outing with family. Exceeding a new paradigm created by the convergence of refrigerator and furniture, the value of discovering a new life paradigm could be presented. "Now, the refrigerator is not the one from yesterday any more."
Rechargeable Stand

At home, it is used by combining with the rechargeable stand that supplies power to the body and also charges the battery. In the open air, the body is moved by separating it from the rechargeable stand. Food can be freshly stored until the charged battery is all exhausted.
Cold & Freezing System

Under the same principle of the existing refrigerator, it provides the optimum temperature to store food freshly. As the storage mode could be differently set up depending on the type of food, fresh and delicious food could be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
Getting Closer to Users

The user interface is located in the door of the top part. Just as same as the door, it is made of wooden material. In case of  UI part, it was designed as track form, inspired by the overall form of the product. As its main functions, there are power, door lock set-up, inner lighting set-up, temperature control, sterilization, and quick cooling.
 Two in One

As it can be used as a mini snack refrigerator at home, it provides many benefits such as minimization of movement, increase of energy efficiency, and convenience of using refrigerator without moving. As it is used as a picnic bag or icebox in the open air, it provides benefits like maintenance of freshness of food, convenient movement, and satisfactory leisure activity.

Anytime and Anywhere

The PR postcard containing the contents that this product could be used anytime and anywhere was produced. Directing the product atmosphere suitable for each place, the individual product logo and typo design elements were applied. It aims to deliver the message, "Let's leave for anywhere right now, and then enjoy vacation!"
OOINO Mini Refrigerator

OOINO Mini Refrigerator

OOINO Mini Refrigerator will be an inflection point that could change family life. On top of a function of storing food and interior design chang Read More