User interface design is something we take very seriously at Fuchs+Dachs Studio. When it comes to designing the interface for our game, we have
bravely, yet very carefully, decided to make a fusion between the two different periods that user is in, while playing this game. In order to connect the time of Shakespeare and 21st century, we have created design, that in it's outline reflects the old times and it's iconography is oriented towards modern, simplified minimalistic world, as we see it is today.
When it comes to colour scheme, after many many testing, we decided that the Gold-Yellow colour should be
that represents old, valuable and greatly respected in our Writer's times, yet the Blue stands 
for modern human interaction with the un-human, or what you like to call - technology.

A Midnight Summer's Dream : RePlayed is a 3 month mobile game art project by Fuchs+Dachs studio.
It is inspired by many games we have spent hours playing. Thanks to all awesome game designers for endless inspiration.
This game is created and developed by Crowded Room Studio and supported by British Council.
Particle and spell animation is done by our dear friend and animation partner Marcelo Bazani Menezes de Jesus.
Music is composed by Alexandre Guiraud and Jaroslav Vyhnicka.
You can download it from Android and iOS store. 

Thanks for your support!