Creative Direction
 by Fuchs+ Dachs | Development by Twin Petes 
Toy Design by Fuchs + Dachs  | 3d Render by Marko Stanojević | 3D Print by Formwurx

Ministry of Broadcast is narrative-drive indie single-player 2D pixel art platformer, inspired by the cinematic pieces like the original Prince of Persia (1989) and Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus. The story is set in a country which has been divided by the walls and the only way to cross the borders to the other side is to win in a TV reality show. The overall mood and tone is dark, inspired by Orwell's 1984 combined with the hypocritical shine & glamour of the modern TV reality shows. Even though we are touching some of the dark themes, game is fun, sarcastic and it plays jokes not only on game characters, but on the gamer as well.  

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...And play the demo at our upcoming Tokyo Game show on 20-23rd of September 2018. If not there, see you in October at some of these places & their game shows: Santa Monica LA | Paris, France | Skövde, Sweden

The Crow Effect
You might have already noticed that we have a bad habit of implementing birds in the games we direct creatively. It's our weakness.

We believe in the good old school players, to whom storytelling was equally important as the gameplay, our crow is introduced to you immediately if you skip the intro (story). She punishes you by telling you why are you in the game, whats the game about and what is your purpose. Well... really if you don't have a purpose in life, what's the point?  The Ministry of Broadcast crow keeps following you throughout the gameplay. She either laughs at you, helps you and or simply annoys you. 
Main character

Our main character is clumsy, never sure if he is going in the right direction and is super careful. 

Collectable Art figure design

The Ministry of Broadcast creators are presenting you with the first collectable art figure of its protagonist and his little "helper" the Crow. The figure will be first revealed at the Tokyo Game Show on 20th of September. 
By pre-ordering, you are supporting the work, love & energy that our little team puts in the Ministry of Broadcast.

Render close-ups
Final figure look
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Ministry of Broadcast Collectable Art figure