Collection of Redesigned El Filibusterismo Book Covers

These book covers are thesis outputs for the final requirement of BS Multimedia Arts and Sciences at Mapua University. This was my student solo project and I've worked on these cover designs approx. in a span of 3 months (Jan-Mar 2017). I specifically proposed this thesis topic to my panel because I desired for something to show my love for books and to contribute to the nationalism of the new generation.

The 15 redesigned book covers are based on each theme within El Fili's story. The cover designs either feature a prominent scene from the book that created an impact to the narrative or a metaphorical image for the plot by the artist. 


"The light versus the dark."

Crisostomo Ibarra's transformation to Simoun in El Filibusterismo.

"The death of our Inang Bayan"

Sisa's death as witnessed by the young Basilio.

"We live below."

The famous Bapor Tabo of the first chapters of El Fili depicting the system of the rich and the slaves.

"The dawn of the revolution."

The rebellion charging to fight for the Philippines' freedom.

"A wedding as a funeral."

The sorrow of Isagani knowing that the love of his life, Paulita Gomez, is marrying Juanito Pelaez.
Losing Hope

"The last ray of light."

Basilio's hope slowly fading away in prison for being accused of the issue of putting up rebellious posters.
Love and Sacrifice

"Anything is to be endured for love."

Huli sacrificing herself to Padre Camorra in exchange for Basilio's freedom.

"The guaranteed way to win is to control all sides."

Simoun manipulating both the rebels and the higher authorities using his weapon - his jewelries and riches.

"The brave stand on their ground."

Basilio's fearlessness to fight for his beliefs on achieving peace in the Philippines in contrast with Simoun's plan.
Overcoming Weakness

"Fire is burning."

Placido Penitente standing up for himself against the professor in his Physics class for mocking him and giving him an unjust punishment.
Power and Corruption

"They have played us over and over again."

The Friars, the Kapitan Heneral and the other higher authorities of the government treating the people, the goods, and the land as a game.
Pride and Downfall

"Descent to darkness."

Representation of Simoun's plan through manipulation, wealth and deceit failing in the finale.

"Justice in his own hands."

Simoun's main instrument for revenge - the lamp that will explode to destroy all the people who committed crimes and wrongdoings to the Filipinos.

"Their own escape."

The image of Huli jumping from the tower of the monastery after her sacrifice for Basilio.

"Rage will take over."

Kabesang Tales's anger for the people that took his land, and his life, which led him to murder them.
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Compilation of the 15 Redesigned Book Covers
El Filibusterismo also known by its English alternative title "The Reign of Greed", is the second novel written by Philippine national hero José Rizal. It is the sequel to Noli me tangere and, like the first book, was written in Spanish.

El Fili focuses on the revolution and rage in the Philippines needed to conquer an oppressor. But El Fili not only talks about nationalism, tragedies, and war, but it also gives a message to the readers the true lessons to achieve freedom and independence. Same as what is happening today in the country, this novel was chosen because it is a historical mirror to the situations today in the Philippines filled with hatred, corruption, death due to terrorists and bombings, slavery and even suicides from all over the country.

These book cover designs were exhibited last May 17, 2017 at Prism Gallery, Makati ( / Behance: Reignite: An El Filibusterismo Art Exhibit Branding)
Collection of Redesigned El Filibusterismo Book Covers

Collection of Redesigned El Filibusterismo Book Covers

These book covers are my thesis outputs for the final requirement of BS Multimedia Arts and Sciences at Mapua University. This was my solo projec Read More