Rhythmia is a line rider where you use the different type of wave forms to change your path, dodging enemies and obstacles, until you reach and save the girl in the end. The game was developed in 48hrs at the Global Gam Jam '17, and it followed the theme of the year, "Waves".

I was in charge of direction, game and sound design and coding in C# Unity3D, while Ester Fogaça handled all the art and animations in PyxelEdit for this title. We went for a black'n white gameboy-like aesthetics, and we covered two diversifiers: 

             The colour and the shape - A colour-based game that can also be played by 
                                                            people who have any kind of difficulty seeing colour.

             Chipping In - The game uses only 8 bit style audio, only 8 bit style visuals, or both.

There were many technical challenges, one being the line in which the character hangs, I had to come up with a custom script that allowed me to get the estimate of the character position in the line related the to the movement of the main camera, and use that x axis information to generate a predefined waveform when a given button is pressed. The other, was to have the character attached to this line, by the ring he's holding. I didn't had enough time to finish this implementation.

Also, a boss fight was planned, where the line would close into a circle, and in the center, a monster shooting projectiles, that, as you survive his attacks, would shrink into a heart. Only them you would see the girl, thanking you for saving her.

Overall, It was a great learning experience, and since then, the game development was halted. We are reevaluating the concept, target and relevance of Rhythmia, but we do plan to resume it's development in the future.
Here you can watch a gameplay video of the prototype that was delivered at the end of the Global Game Jam '17. The prototype was released and it's available to download in the event page, along with it's source code.

Here you can check Rhytmia's GGJ17 project page: http://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/rhythmia
And here you can check the game directly in internet browser: http://rhythmia.surge.sh
Game Development - Rhythmia