Browser Game Development - Intruders of the Stars
This was a project that I made in 48hrs, by myself, for a Hackthon. The purposed challenge was to build either a Pong Clone or a Space Invaders clone with any technologies or frameworks, as long as the code was done in javascript.

I saw it as a good opportunity to give a spin, which was a javascript framework for game development that I intended to learn for a while.

So, how has these last 48h unfolded for me?

- Accepted the Biznas browser game challenged;
- Worked on my logo in illustrator, thinking about how to tackle the challenge;
- Decided to go with Phaser.js for this project, I wanted to mess with it for a long time, and didn't had a good excuse for this.
- Sketched some of the Space Invaders inspired art, and did some notes about the game's core functionality.
- Started my research about the tool, blazing through Phaser's documentation and examples.
- Hacked away through Brackets, creating the first prototype, not in a modular fashion.

- Created some custom game art, based in my sketches, and added it to the game.
- Gathered some free CC0 sound effects and music, that matched the project.
- Worked on the website appearance, added some css animated background, font styling, all in a modular fashion with sass.
- Started to add some features to the game's core. And some bugs. It began to become a pain to work in a single file.
- Participated in the Biznas hangout, it got me pumped up!
- Added sounds and music to the game.
- Added some performance checks and taunt messages.
- Added more bugs.
- Regrets about not making the game's core modular from the start. Decided to attempt a require.js conversion. I really needed to study angular 2. (which I did, afterwards)

- Started the modular conversion, but had some problems integrating the two tools.
- Research, testing, research, testing, but the clock was still ticking.
- Had to postpone the conversion, due to the time limit. So I decided to improve the core I've done the first time.
- Made the game more challenging. Fixed most of the bugs.
- Submitted the project to Github and

In the end, I was announced as being the 1st place in this challenge, that had 30 other competitors. It was really an amazing experience, and I was surprised to see that my first game received so much love from the public.
The game got feature in main page, and I received a lot of hits at the website due to this post. Got invited to their slack group, they have an awesome community!
The game is open source and is available at my github page. Feel free to check it out!

You can play the game here:
Browser Game Development - Intruders of the Stars

Browser Game Development - Intruders of the Stars

1st prize at the Biznas Challenge at Vanhackathon'16