Time and tree

                          Artist: Rehman Rehmanov 
            Architect: Khayal Jalilov 
3D Visualization: Vusal Abbasov

As an architect, i decided to make project, that's going to be look full with waterfront reflections. So i told to my friend Rahman (he is an artist) can we make a project thats gonna send different message like an architectural and artistic way to hall world? After a lot of searches we decided to make tree in sandwatch, covered by glass. After Rahmans first arts and sketches i saw the project is gonna be really really different. When i saw he's sketches i started to make some modeling of this mass. Of course after all of this i told to my friend Vusal Abbasov (he is a cg artist) about this project and i told him also that's he gonna do the 3D visualization of this project in artistic and also in architectural way and of course he done very well. So we proud to show and share with you our first project that's we hope is gonna help to save our nature.
Thanks "Easy Render" for such a great value !