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    A robot illustration using Photoshop.
First I started out with a simple sketch in Photoshop with a blue-colored brush, just to get the proportions and line of action right. I focused on putting "notes" for detail here and there that I will elaborate on later. Next I started inking out the figure, making decisions for details and the like. I tried keeping main objects on different layers to keep things organized and easier to deal with.
After I completed inking, I made the sketch invisible so I could start on coloring.
I colored each element of the robot separately. That is to say, I divided the robot into materials: gold, copper, silver, chromate, etc. This was to keep a consistent look throughout the eclectic mix of materials that the robot is composed of. There's also painted items, which have an appropriately worn, chipped look to them. Also, I made certain elements pop out more to keep the drawing from looking flat (this was done with shading). The final image has a blur filter over it to show movement. Effects like smoke, light and sparks were done over the main image. I named the robot to give him a little more character.