Long story short: I wanted to some silkscreen, the guy with the printing house needed some letters for a kindergarten and an old friend wanted a poster for an exhibition. It was scary easy, it took more than a year and still feels like yesterday.

I just took the titles from the movies and ...
... and was left with a hole bunch of unique letters to play with!
Simple letters won't do, children now are ... humm
Lets "negative" the space out of them!​​​​​​​

Didn't want to play all alone, so I invited few people to play along and what a wonderful ride it was.
Thanks Milena and Rosi!!!

Voila -  a complete alphabet!
Just bunch of Cyrillic letters, but believe it or not, 
people went crazy ...

Few of them even end up in EU Parliament in Brussels!

Just when we thought it was enough, another coincidence - In the same building, where my friend made his movie poster exhibition, turned out there will be a Typography Festival, seriously a hole festival for letters ... sometimes the universe aligns itself towards you.

- Why don't you do a font with these?
- A font you say .... hummm

Everybody had a different favourite letter, so we did a hole lot of printing! Available in all sizes and colours ;)
Feel free to order & contact 

In the end I made a font, my first one ever.
Not at all perfect, but quite joyful, 
Glyphs App is way too much fun. :)
Huge thanks to the masters for their help

Free Download

Cyrillic ONLY, sorry guys :(
Enjoy, share and appreciate ...
... your language :)
May 24th

May 24th

Cyrillic letters illustration for 24th of May, Bulgarian Alphabet holiday.