Casemovie (in norwegian)

Visual identity and illustrations for Drømmestipendet

Project description
Drømmestipendet (The Dream Scholarship) is a collaborative project between Norsk kulturskoleråd (a Norwegian organization for municipalities who own and run arts and culture schools) and Norsk Tipping (a company assigned by the Norwegian government to offer games that create excitement and entertainment within responsible limits, with the profits going to good causes).
Drømmestipendet’s main goal is to highlight the municipalities’ work for children and youth, and be a valuable inspiration and an important contribution to fulfilling the dreams of many young cultural practitioners. Each year, they award 100 scholarships of 10.000 kroner in seven different categories: dance, music, creative writing, theater, visual arts, circus and “other”.
Target group 1: Young cultural practitioners aged 13 to 20 years
Target group 2: Adults (those who nominate, for example teachers at cultural schools or practitioners’ parents)

Concept and solutions
The concept represents abstract interpretations of dreams. Each of the seven categories have been given its own illustration inspired by its own diversity. Even though the illustrations are different, a consistent and repetitive use of colors and techniques ensure that the series have an overall look and clear sense of affiliation. Different use of the illustrations and colors opens for exciting variations, and a multipurpose colour palette makes the identity fun and happy.
The symbol is an organic abstraction of the letter “D”. The black logo is used when paired with illustrations to create a distinction between the two. A colour version of the logo that extracts colours and elements from the illustrations is applied wherever the illustrations are not in play. This provides a comprehensive and playful impression of the identity, even with the absence of pictorial or graphic elements.
For the wordmark and as the display font, we chose a classic yet contemporary typeface, Larish Neue (by RP Digital Type Foundry), which possesses a layer of playfulness and a unique, modern touch. Brandon Text (by HVD Fonts) is used on body text due to its legibility across different platforms and contribution to the warm and functional look.
The identity is widely used across culture schools and municipalities all over the country, and the identity tools, design templates and overall system is therefore designed to facilitate easy implementation for users with different levels of expertise.

Identity and illustrations for Drømmestipendet