Elizabeth took a risk when she first hired me. Back in 2011, I had only been working as a graphic designer for a few years. Yet, she trusted me to be her one employee working outside Quebec City. She allowed me to take part in the creation of a new identity for a 50-year-old company. She always encouraged me to create freely for the most rational people I've known. She listened to me and most important: she's always believed in me.

So, when she wrote me to ask for this illustration I was over the moon. The need? A tribute concert to Bowie and Prince, offered by the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra.
I did most of the portraits while commuting by train. Sometimes, listening to their music and letting myself go along with it. It was touching and it felt great. Drawing a musician is a funny thing: it feels like you are finally giving them something in exchange. At least a very tiny little something from yourself.
Thanks to the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra for these photos!