Become a better designer in 100 days. 


PROJECT BRIEF: For 100 days, I will be doing one UI prompt per day courtesy of This will help me explore new designs and challenge myself to grow and expand my knowledge. I will continue to update this page as I go through the challenges for each day.


Challenge #028 - Contact Us
"Design a Contact Us page or form. Is it for customer support? A purchase inquiry? To schedule an appointment? Think about a scenario and the most important feature it would require. (As always, it's up to you!)"
Challenge #027 - Dropdown
"Design a dropdown element. Is it a menu dropdown? Or a tip that's dropped down during a tutorial? (As always, it's up to you!)"
Challenge #026 - Subscribe
"Design a subscribe form, button, widget, etc. What type of information are you looking to capture from the user? Their name and email? Their zip code? Something else? (As always, it's up to you!)"
Illustrations by Freepik.