...tune into Mozart's Magic Flute... (W.A. Mozart, Die Zauberflöte, Duett: Bei Männern, Welche Liebe Fühlen)
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credits & acknowledgements

Upon Carlotta Actis Barone creative vision, The Magic Flute photo shoot has been ideated, written and managed by Marco Fazio, Strawberry Love and Carlotta herself.
And surely we couldn't achieve anything like this without a great team, cast and crew included.
The follows are all the people who have been involved in this project.

fashion designer & creative director :: Carlotta Actis Barone

photography :: Marco Joe Fazio

art director :: Strawberry Love

models :: Isabella Lueen and Rosie Van Amerogen from First Model Management
& kind courtesy of independent model :: Martina Aiello

make-up artist :: Kelly Mendiola
working with fellow Artists :: Chamia Choudhury & Kerry White

assistant photographer :: Alfredo Ezquerra Sanchez

behind the scene photography :: Veronica Sampieri

designer assistants :: Max Luo and Viviana Arena

dresser :: Petrica Ariton

sculptor & jewellery designer :: Antonella Tanzini

costume maker :: Rachael Graham

wigs artist :: Sasha Darvill at Arty Wigs Display

feather embroideries :: Duccio Mazzanti at Mazzanti piume

location :: kind curtesy of
126 Drury Lane
London WC2B 5SU

It's a pleasure to acknowledge all the precious minds and hands who have contributed with personal effort and passion to the creation of this collection and its showcase.

A special thanks to Cameron Yorke for his support and assistance.

A very grateful thank you to Chris, Ayfer, Murad and all the staff at Sarastro, a great location and incredibly friendly people!

A personal thank you to Joe Moss at Sol Project for his professional assistance with sparkles and lighting.

And finally a very special acknowledgement to Claire Brewer to have taken me by hand into the symbolism and the etiquette of the Freemasonry with her keen expertise.

Ad maiora,