Pigghiatu ri na'mprovvisa libbidini
Sicily, 1950
Rosalia was
a beautiful proud woman
living in a remote
fishermen village
Ferdinando was moved by
a forbidden desire
admiring Rosalia while she was used to
walk to the church
and secretly observing while she was
busy with domestic chores
he was longing for her…
she liked to tease him
Ferdinando couldn't resist any longer
a temptation too strong

shoot name :: Pigghiatu ri na’mprovvisa libbidini … or the first Deadly Thing

credits & acknowledgements

Rosalia // Katerina Christo
Ferdinando // Ivan Silve

photography & production // Marco Joe Fazio
art director & wardrobe stylist // Strawberry Love
make-up artist & hair stylist // Stefania Paci
style consultant // Grace Cruse
art & history consultant // Iggy Passenger
psycho-consultant // Anne de Montarlot
graphic coordinator // Marco Vacca
1st assistant photographer // Debora Palazzo
assistant photographer // Oliver Spier
assistant photographer // Grace Hodges

lingerie & hosiery // courtesy of What Katie Did
menswear // courtesy of Dandylion Style

a special thanks to Gio’ Pagano and Palmarosa Fazio for their linguistic advices, Poppy van Praagh at SugarBabes Models representing Katerina Christo

Pigghiatu ri na'mprovvisa libbidini

Pigghiatu ri na'mprovvisa libbidini

Pigghiatu ri na’mprovvisa libbidini … or the first Deadly Thing Check out the full project on www.marcojoefazio.com/sevendeadlythings
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