Me and my friend, Noviyanti, are working together to create line stickers. I do the sketch and Noviyanti do the rest hahahaha. Please support us with buy our stickers!
Collaboration : 
you can buy the version 1 from here and version 2 from here
You can buy the version 1 from here
version 2 from here
version 3 from here
version 4 from here
version 5 from here
or you can buy them all from here 
This one is animation sticker. If you are sad and need something to cheer you up a bit, maybe this sticker will make it.  Just buy it from here
Personal Project: 
i want to create stickers all by myself obviously. XDD If you like to build a gunpla, model kit, gundam and something like that.. maybe you will like this sticker. You can buy it here
Aw... Bearus was taken from the name of my dog, Berus. Hahahaha... If you like dog, make this sticker brighten your day everyday! You can buy it here
Thank you for your time! Please support us to make something more better in the future! Don't forget to give me like. Oh.. and comment.. Good comment more appreciated XDD