MCore - Multi-Touch-Table Application Concept for MARUM
During my bachelor thesis, I chose to explore the field of multi-user interfaces and came up with a concept for a presentation application that could be run on a 60 inch multi-touch-capable table. Exhibition visitors and MARUM staff could use the table to learn about the research processes of the institution, which takes part in the international Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP). One of the most important IODP objectives is the retrospective research of climate development in our planet's past with the hope to able to predict future climate changes.

The interface is custom-fit to the matter of research at MARUM, using a metaphorical approach in both interaction and visual design. The scientists rely on sediment cores extracted from the ocean's ground, which they catalog and analyze. The sediment cores present the base material for a multitude of research endeavours. Therefore the drilling core is literally at the core of the concept. The users can explore it with a magnifying glass and discover information nodes that reveal new information. The interaction is highly non-linear and supports multi-user cooperation. For further information, do not hesitate to contact me for the full concept material.