Chat with professional lettering artists as they share their process creating hand drawn typography.
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The characters displayed here played a big part in the greater audience communication strategy that was part of my master thesis "Participative Design and Gamification for Festivals". "Vernunft? Nein, danke!" translates to "Reason? No, thanks!" from German and it was the slogan of our audience communication strategy for a rock festival.
Don't forget to find out about the brochure and other illustrations that were part of the thesis in their respective projects.
Marshall Moshpit is a fierce amplifier, who knows how to work hard and rock harder.
Booze, noise and a good load of craziness make Mike Membrain tick.
Not only Deedee Distortion's guitar skills are mad.
Making of the Characters
Find out about how each of the characters was made from sketch to vector to textured illustration.
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