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    Series of landscape in pastel technique where I focus on colour harmonies and the mood of specific places.
THE MOOD  Landscape drawings

This is a new series of landscapes in pastel technique, where I focus on 
colour harmonies and the mood of specific places. Created after my photos.

This one is a Slovenian landscape called Barje, very special place, protected area with many different species of animals, birds and plants. It has a spirit of width and tranquillity.
with board
This is a Slovenian landscape called Kneže, I think it was the end of the day. I was attracted by the view, the skyline with the trees and the choppy clouds.
Have you ever been in salina? This is Slovenian salina landscape on the seaside, near beautiful town Portorož (Harbour of Flowers). It was a bright sunny day, spring awakening. 
Salina on a cloudy day.
Thank you for your interest. If you have question or want to purchase my artwork, please visit: https://www.artfinder.com/nives-palmic or contact me: nives.palmic@gmail.com