Two-walls Bowls

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    Through research in a developing country, the capitalist and hectic activities has lost the slowness of eating. A mindset that prioritized efficiency and practicality of mass produced eating utensils, has also forgotten the impact of a form to personal image. To enricheating experience, can physicality of the product (e.g. material, weight, form) gives a luxurious and dignity feeling to the user?

    Two-walls bowl is designed to serve bird nest soup in drinking or scooping manner. As an exquisite cuisine in Chinese culture used to serve for the emperor in Tang dynasty centuries ago, this bowl embraces the understanding of bird nest soup in order to evoke valuable feeling of the user. With the magnificent conception of big bowl yet containing little food, the outer wall functions to keep hands from hot thermal while maintainingthe soup thermal inside. A little weight from the two-ceramic walls  sits the bowl gently on hands. 
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