• A'konkret story illustration
  • Detail of the stool
  •   A'konkret furniture consists of a coat hanger, stools, and standing lamp
  • A coat hanger (H1700 x W450 x D450) made of concrete 98%&a stool (H430 x Di350) made of concrete 100%
  • A'konkret Furniture 
    Concrete beyond imprinted texture

    We live in an urbanization era where infrastructure is the fastest growing in human civilization. We might not attend the existence of concrete but we can find it almost in every place. Concrete alongside architectural history for millennia has affected its imageas a modern aspiration to mundane material in common perception. The envisaged perception of it is hard, strong, repetitive, dull and homogenous. Why this enclosed perception limits concrete’s usage, when wood or metal is treated inso many ways to be in-house object?

    This project looks into finding ‘a new image’ beyond our common perception infurniture discipline. The study started from experimentation on concrete’s properties and analysis of its history. Instead of manipulating this material to not look like itself, the research brought me to take advantage of the synergy between its hydraulic property and fabric forming as an alternative tosolve weight matters. This design arrangement allows the user to carry the dry-concrete stool like a bag and has interaction with the stool in water immersing phase. By doing so, it creates unique language for each stool that corresponds as ownership.

  • http://www.red-dot.sg/concept/porfolio/o_e/HF/B018.htm
  • A'konkret phases : delivery - immersing - drying
  • Technical specification
  • A'konkret design development