Love the Land

Under the idea concept "Love the Land", we propose to bring this vision of Knorr to a concrete and direct reality with their audiences. If we want to create a conscience, if we want to create a habit, and above all promote a positive philosophy about cultivation and caring for the earth, Knorr asks you to do.
Wherever you are, live where you live, land and earth are important. And you're in contact with them. You can live on a farm in a village, in a house with a garden or an apartment and have pots. Wherever these, the land is with you.
The idea is simple: We want people to become aware of the earth and the healthy crop. 
So Knorr invites you to cultivate. 
For that, we will generate a series of direct experiences, interconnected ideas over a period of time, to promote and get better sustainable farming habits in people who consume Knorr.

#BrandExperience  #ProductInnovation  #Design
Córdoba. Argentina. 2016
Partnership: Pablo Margara + Gabriel Lencina

First Price Eyeka Convocation / 2016