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“Static”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark and charcoal, coriopsus flower, liquid chlorophyll and ochres.101 by 65cm
"Colony collapse"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, eucalypt charcoal, coriopsus flower, ochres and liquid chlorophyll.114 by 155cm

"Deep Water"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark sap and charcoal and grape hyacinth. 57 by 76cm

“Fight or flight”Pyrography, ochres, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal. liquid chlorophyll, coriopsus flower and sandal wood berry.180 by 114 cm
"Circumnavigation"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, eucalypt charcoal, Native grass, ochres, coriopsus flower and pine veneer .152 by 339cm
“The arsonist”Pyrography, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal, Liquid chlorophyll, ochres and coriopsis flower101 by 65 cm
“There is no me”Pyrography, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal, liquid chlorophyll, ochres, beetroot, and coriopsus flower65 by 101 cm
Rules of engagement”Pyrography, eucalypt bark, ochres, rosemary leaf and charcoal.51 by 66cm
Ken YonetaniBurnt paper, eucalypt sap, bark and charcoal, ochres, liquid chlorophyll, coriopsus flower, algae and coffee bean.2.1 by 1.2 meters
Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, sap, ash and charcoal, ochres, rosemary leaves, Coriopsis flower, beetroot, liquid chlorophyll and charcoal.150 by 114cm