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These works are of my more abstract pieces whilst they my look abstract a lot of these pieces are drawn straight from nature, going from oldest to my most recent work. I collect and process all my pigments from the bush and I capture the details through burning the paper/ wood, its basically drawing with heat.

"Coming to life"Burnt paper eucalypt bark and charcoal.101 by 65 cm
“Furling”Burnt paper, beetroot, eucalypt bark and charcoal.23 by 23cm

"Systemic Nature"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, ochre, eucalypt charcoal.101 by 65cm

“Sapling”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, sap and charcoal, ochres, coffee bean and coriopsus flower.120 by 68 cm

“Wombat Mandala”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, ochres, charcoal, and wombat blood.130 by 204 cm

“Vessel”Burnt paper, eucalypt bark and sap, ochres and eucalypt charcoal.65 by 101cm

"Cocoon"Burnt paper, eucalypt bark, eucalypt sap, eucalypt charcoal, coriopsus flower, coffee bean, ochres.65 by 101cm

"Natures Contraption"Burnt paper, Eucalypt bark,Coriopsus flower, sandal wood berry, eucalypt sap, eucalypt charcoal.65 by 101cm

“Embryo”Pyrography, eucalypt sap, bark, ochres, rosemary leaves and coriopsus flower.51 by 66 cm
"Communion"Burnt paper, ochres, rosemary, eucalypt bark, coriopsis flower and charcoal.52 by 68 cm
“Little Demon”Burnt paper, eucalypt sap and bark, blue berry, ochres and charcoal.15 by 28 cm