Last image above: my sketches for possible directions in illustration brief.

The Cinéclub Film Society screens a wide variety of film titles from obscure experimental shorts to popular cinemascope epics. Works are always showcased on a big screen in 16 or 35mm film. This poster was made to celebrate and promote a 16mm screening of Ingmar Bergman's Persona. A lot of imagery related to the film often shows the two women together with stills from the project, but in this case using illustration allowed for a uniquely flexible way to showcase the film's main concept of loosing one’s self in the other. 
Agency: Les Évadés
Creative Director: Charles Gagnon
Art Director: Martin Dupuis
Illustrator: Patrycja Podkoscielny
2018 Communication Arts Illustration Award - Poster single
2017 Lurzer's Archive Magazine Vol. 03-2017

Film Society: Persona