Cinéma du Parc is a small independently run movie theatre that prides itself on screening the best selection of classic, foreign and director-oriented films. They recently started midnight screeningsThe main idea was to choose a scene from the films that involved two characters, often trying to pick combinations that were not typical. Objects we liked from the films surround the main image and a favourite quote balances everything out and gives context. 

Interview with Applied Arts about the work here.
Agency: Les Évadés
Creative Director: Charles Gagnon
Art Director: Martin Dupuis
Illustrator: Massimiliano di Lauro
2018 Applied Arts Advertising award – Craft illustration series
2018 Applied Arts Design award – Craft illustration series
2018 Applied Arts Illustration award – Poster illustration series (used as front cover image of magazine)
2017 Communication Arts Design Award - Poster series
2017 Lurzer's Archive Magazine Vol. 05-2017
Cinéma du Parc: Midnight