Virgin Gaming Presentations
Business Development
Part of Virgin Gaming's strategy to promote the titles available for play on their website was to partner up with various sponsors and put on Live tournaments at venues all over North America. Market research as well as a survey of the customer base determined the brand partners that were approached to take part in a particular campaign/tournament.

Business development involved the creation of decks for the marketing team to be able to convey the feel, mood and look of the brand as integrated on the website as well as the live events. Branding elements from current campaigns or products being promoted by these brands was integrated into each pitch to provide an example of the kind of promotion they would receive.
Virgin Gaming intro deck. This deck outlined the proprietary platform upon which the games were played, demographics, customer base, past tournaments and branding initiatives.
Pitch for Dr. Pepper and Pizza Hut - Cross branding for the Battlefield 3 tournament.
Pitch for EA's new Medal of Honor game.