LINCing Seniors
Book Design
This pilot project was developed for CET (Centre for Education and Training) and CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The idea behind LINCing Seniors was the delivery of information relating to everyday issues faced by immigrant seniors in Canada. Working with content developers, the task was to design something visually appealing but was functional and catered to the needs of the audience. Larger format, bright colours, lots of white space, enlarged fonts and imagery were all choices made to ensure that the information being communicated was easy to process. Each module deals with a different issue and included interactive elements such as quizzes, puzzles, video and audio. A total of 5 modules were produced and distributed in LINC centres across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The project was a huge success as the books were hard to keep on shelves.

Positive feedback from the target audience proved vital in helping to secure additional funding for future projects.

Responsibilities: Art Direction, Illustration, Layout and Graphic Design.