Gail, the ent

The challenge was this time to develop a character and a 3D sculpture from a 2D concept. My subject is Gail, the wicked forest creature of Forestdelic records. Follow me and Gail into the procedure of creating this psychedelic and mystic creature of the woods, where musicians "cook their stuff"... and now a 3D Artist joins the cooking too. This seemed to result as pure fun in creativity and it really did.

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Some screenshots of the process of creation:
Finishing the modelling is a misleading success. Painting Gail was a challenge of its own. So I took the path through the vibrant atmosphere of the woods of rhythm (by putting on some Forestdelic music) and dreamed of colors and patterns to fill the white skin of my canvas to bring it to life.
The journey with Gail had benefits for all parties and was equally fun to experience. Gail had the chance to be created and can now roam the rhythmical woods on the Forestdelic website. I on the other hand had the chance to optimize processes and workflows for such a complex task, which turned out to be equally fruitful. Starting from a rough sketch seeing how each level of detail adds a subtle amount of individuality and contributes to the final picture. Progress is made in small steps, never try to make a huge change in a sub-step process. Keeping that in mind I'm proud to say that almost no rework on anything was needed, which is a great achievement in such a project.

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Thanks for reading through to the end and see you soon in other articles