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    a 2 month long project for a good friend
Smointer Pointer
A black and white artwork on a 10 feet carbon fibre kite
Doodling with black Sharpies on 10ft carbon fibre pointer kite. It is still a work in progress project. deadline 22 sept.almost done, 20% more to go.
 Phase 1starting point
 Phase 1the eye,completed
Phase 2:a full shot of the left eye of an eagle-ish looking bird.looking from the top, it also looks like a bird with two beaks, or a side view of a bird's head
Phase 3The inside area of the eagle-ish looking bird with a cat branch thingamaghingy
Phase 3
an overview of the doodle on the kite(left side)
Phase 4 
inner area of the feathers,or what it seems to be,yet another cat branch thingamagingy
Phase 4 
the cat branch thingamagingy now being filled up with organic patterns
Phase 4
almost done
Phase 4
a full shot of the completed left side of the kite
Phase 5
the other side,the completed right eye
Phase 5
the other side:the whole right eye completed
Phase 6 
focusing on the details of the mushroom growth which lies just below the right eye.
Phase 6 
focusing on the details around the mushroom growth
Phase 6 
loose shot of the right side of the eagle-ish owl bird which apparently looks like a rooster's head.
Phase 6 
top view of the whole artwork
Phase 7 
medium shot of right side, body area ;inspired when watching an episode from BLEACH
Phase 7 
loose shot of right side, body areafocusing on the swirls,the details of the feathersalmost done, 20% more to go