Marketing Materials: Medical Device Industry
Medtronic, Covidien, ev3, St. Jude Medical, Omni Spinal Concepts
Since 2008, I've been designing for medical device companies, most of which are very large corporations with established brand standards. Below are a few examples of the large volume of work I've done for this industry, demonstrating creativity and effective design within the constraints of the brand's existing visual identity standards.

Please see related work elsewhere in my portfolio: - Digital illustration work for many of these clients, & for others too - Multi-page manual designed and illustrated for Covidien

Hotel keycard for those attending the Society for Vascular Surgery's Annual Meeting and staying in the hotel - June 2015
Educational Event invitation/agenda template created for Medtronic
Medical Journal full page advertisement for Covidien's NanoCross Elite balloon
A simple header banner design for a Covidien email campaign
Covidien has strict brand guidelines, so I had to first learn their brand when I started working with them in 2011. Above is an example of a doctor-facing form that I designed for Covidien in 2012.
A patient-facing brochure for Covidien's DURABILITY PAS medical device study. There were many additional supportive materials for this study that I also designed using the same look and feel, photo, colors and design elements as shown in this brochure. While staying within Covidient's strict brand guidelines, I was still able to give all marketing materials in this study a recognizable, consistent design treatment.
Large tabletop poster for ev3's booth at a medical convention
Email blast enticing viewers to visit ev3's booth at an upcoming convention to learn more about the new TurboHawk device
Product packaging for ev3's Turbohawk Plaque Excision System device
Web banner for Energel Wound Hydrogel for Vomaris Innovations, Inc.
I was hired by ev3 to brand and design a series of marketing materials for a new medical device research study. ev3 does not have strict brand standards, so I had a great deal of creative freedom in this project. There were just a few ev3 brand requirements to be upheld, such as being limited to specific fonts. This project included the CREATE PAS logo design, illustration of design elements, color selections and obtaining a stock photo to be used on the marketing collateral and supportive materials I'd be designing for this study. Above is the patient-facing brochure that I created, and below are more examples of the other corresponding pieces I designed for this project.
Appointment reminder cards for CREATE PAS Research Study participants
CREATE PAS PowerPoint template for internal ev3 use
CREATE PAS research study letterhead
Covidien Coding Overview Guide - cover
Covidien Coding Overview Guide - inside spread
Covidien Coding Overview Guide - back cover
Logo design and business card design for Omni Spinal Concepts
Logo design (Prelude) and brochure design for Caisson Interventional's Prelude Research Study
 Patient-facing magazine ads for St. Jude Medical, designed according to their brand guidelines

2009 Training & Education wall calendar designed for use by St. Jude Medical employees.
(Front cover and two inside spreads shown.)