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    branding, logo design, business cards, info rack cards and bottle-label designs for entire oxygen-infused jojoba oil skincare line
O3 Skincare
Brand Identity and Design
O3 Skincare offers oxygen/ozone-infused jojoba oil to nourish the skin and heal the body from the outside-in. The O3 Jojoba line of products offers three different measures of oxygen, from a lightly-infused skin conditioner up to a high-dose super-cream. The skin conditioner is also available in lavender, grapefruit and rosemary.  The newest product, Orozone, is designed specifically for dental and gum health.

Logo creation: the vibrant O3 Skincare logo taps into the feel of the lush, natural colors of the jojoba plant and it's rich, golden oil, situated inside of an oxygen "O" "bubble".

I designed all bottle labels (including drawing all illustrations), shown below, for all product offerings, along with business cards and a product information rack card.


Logo brainstorm for an additional product line that ended up not happening...but I thought these were fun!