Alice entered the kitchen and met a Rabbit cooking a ragout from the Rabbit. 
Self-sacrifice in sake of Gastronomy and a little bit of Lewis Carroll.


(Russian) A journey made by performers or an athletic team, in which they perform or play in several different places. 
(slang) A tour made by gang to commit crimes outside their place of residence or location.

the nineteen was hired to create a logo and brand identity for a gastropub in Ekaterinburg, in Urals. The challenge was to create a style reflecting the gastronomic essence of the project without referring to a traditional Russian theatrical culture. 

A surreal story of Carroll's rabbit sacrificing himself on the traveling restaurant's kitchen creates a memorable and purely gastronomic brand experience spiced with a good touch of irony

Creative Director & Designer: Dmitry Gerais
Photo: Gastroli
Made by: the nineteen, branding solutions for restaurants, gastronomie & hospitality