“Getting There” Exhibit
Branding and Signage for Design Museum Boston travel exhibit
Design Museum Boston's mission is to show that design is all around us, and that is no more apparent than in our modes of travel. To the way that we navigate a train station to the seats in an airplane, everything about how we travel has been designed. The exhibit "Getting There" showcases much of the design of travel from the supposed Golden Era of travel to our current streamlined options.

Recognizing that how you get there is sometimes just as important as your destination, the Branding for "Getting There" focuses on the ways that we travel. Using dynamic typography and a color system that denotes the three main methods of travel from the exhibit, I created the main exhibit Branding System as well as the central signage and other supporting print and web graphics.

The exhibit has been exceptionally well received, with elements being acquired for permanent collections and the exhibit will travel to a new location shortly.